In front of a red and black diagonal checked background, this beautiful young harlequin wears a red and black gothic jester’s outfit, each side in a different design. Her red and black diagonal checked miniskirt is held up with a black leather spiked belt with a skull belt buckle, and her red and black hair is held up in pigtails.


Her makeup is porcelain white, with the exception of the red around her eyes and her black lipstick, and in her hands, she holds a red and white staff, topped with a small skull wearing a jester’s hat. The sides of the stool are checkered red and crimson, with alternating black hearts and jester skulls.


With 3 wooden legs providing stability on uneven surfaces, this comfortable stool is a perfect gift for any dark jester who needs to rest their feet.

        Dark Jester Stool by James Ryman

        SKU: B3783K8
          • From the untamed imagination of world-famous gothic and alternative artist James Ryman.
          • Size: 33cm
          • Weight: Approx 2.2500g