Riding side-saddle on a beautiful white horse, this Fairy’s blue dress trails down, blowing in the rushing wind. Daisies are pinned to her dress and in her long blonde hair, and her delicate blue wings are stretched out behind her. The horse charges forwards, flowers in its bridle as it rides across the surface of the ocean as if it was solid land. Flying low over the choppy surf, a seagull joins them in their euphoria.


Cast in top-quality resin before being lovingly hand-painted, this fantastic statuette is a great gift for anyone who’s seen a kelpie in the flesh.

Euphoria by Nene Thomas

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    • Blue gown fairy on a white horse
    • From the untamed imagination of globally renowned Fantasy and Fairy artist Selina Fenech
    • Cast in the finest resin.
    • Expertly hand-painted.
    • Size 30cm
    • Approx Weight: 2.900kg