From the darkly gothic imaginations of Nemesis Now own fantastic in-house design team comes another member of the alternative “Little Shadows” fairy range.


Standing alone, her feet together, this young fairy’s wings are relaxed and purple with black edges. Her short-sleeved black top has a white collar neatly turned down, covering the chains of the silver crucifix around her neck.


Above her top, a large onyx sits in a black choker. Her skirt is a dark turquoise and emblazoned with a repeating pattern of white skulls, and on her feet she has black buckle-up shoes and plain white knee-high socks. Her hands together in front of her, she holds a ragged grinning voodoo doll, dangling by one tattered arm. Her straight black hair hangs neatly down to her waist as she stares at you impassively.

    Noire - Little Shadows Collection

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      • Size 14cm
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