Standing on a large cog, this mechanical owl is almost the real thing. Metallic wings folded at their side, individual feathers riveted on and mechanical legs featuring ball and socket joints. Eyes shaped like large red cogs have a golden gear forming the sclera, and are topped with large brass eyebrows. On his chest, there sits the face of a fully functioning clock, detailed in brass with a small cog hanging below the number 6.


Cast in the finest resin before being painstakingly hand-painted, this Steampunk clock is the perfect companion to have aboard your airship.

Tick Toot Clock

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    • Approx Height: 27cm
    • Approx Weight: 12.6375 Kg
    • Steampunk Owl Clock
    • Cast in the finest resin.
    • Expertly Hand-painted.
    • Requires one AA battery (Not Included)